Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Final Project Idea

Wearable robotic stilts
I am going to make a doll size prototype fit for a doll as well as a life-size wearable prototype.
EVA foam/card board? to create the outer casing of the stilts, sealed and painted.
I will use a pressure plate under my feet, linked to sets of LEDs that will light up when I take a step.
Maybe have some smoke that poofs out of the tubing connection when I move as well?

Example of having a pressure plate that makes an LED light up

Example of coding

Presentation on idea for final project
Arduino-measures input that has a physical output
              input-sensor (Arduino sensor search)
Wants to see links and references and narrative (TELL A STORY! WHY!?) and images and sketches! SHOW THE PROCESS!!
Has someone else already done this?
Show what you bring to the project, don't just copy someone else's process, add to it
Valuable research, seeing where others went wrong, learn from their mistakes

Next Wednesday!!
Bring in something to class that plugs in that doesn't pull too much power.
Will learn to measure relays.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Critique on Noise Project
My noise machine was working then all of a sudden it wasn't. I don't know why it stopped working and I don't know how to fix it. I was very aggravated so I quit. Didn't have a project to critique. 

Next class will be receiving the reading portions on the group reading.
Monday have idea of what the final project will be and how it will work.
Next Wednesday bring small electronic device i.e.. small lamp.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Good The Bad and The Ugly: Instructables

The Good:
Not a cheap project, but the instructable on this particular project was put together very well. Using another instructable for an AT-AT template, Kyle Gilbert used different materials and set everything for a much larger scale version. The instructable is very detailed, telling all materials and tools used, as well as photo documentation of the process. Not going to lie, I want to make one of these that I can ride around in. 😆

The Bad:
This instructable still has decent instructions on how to make a donkey head, but the finished product was wretched. The skeletal foundation of the donkey head was promising, but the materials used for the outside, I don't believe were very well thought through. I think someone can look at these instructions and replicate it very simply, but tbh I don't know why anyone would want to based on the final product, the best part being the excuse that the donkey head is "unphotogenic". Wtf?! 😂 It would have been better if the skeletal form had a solid cover to make the placement of fabrics better, or by using different fabrics all together. I kind of want to redo this project to show how it should've been done.

The Ugly:
????? Why? Just why? What is the purpose of a chicken bow tie? I mean a chicken would be cute in a bow tie, so I'll look past that. Why did they use plain paper as the materials? It looks unfinished and sloppy. Felt could have been used and made a much better design, which might have been more comfortable on the chicken and maybe she wouldn't have hated it as much. This entire project seems pointless and not planned out very well, like it was just something some guy did with his children one afternoon to give them something to do..

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Arduino Lecture

Noise project is top priority!
However, need to start figuring out ideas for final.
Make a wearable- bodily interaction with the apparatus (doesn't have to be an article of clothing)
             - tech, social, and interface all need to be a part of it
Must contribute to community (publishing)
Publish on instructables in much detail so someone else can recreate it

This weekend find at least 3 tutorials that must fit these three criteria:
The good, bad, and ugly
Put the links on the blog
Will critique on Monday
Will be asked why you labeled it good, bad, and ugly?

Maker Faire (First fair was in 2005)
Pretty much show and tell
Squid Labs established instructables as a blogging format for people to share (completely free)
Auto Desk decided to sponsor instructables when Squid Labs couldn't afford it anymore
On instructables under technology has a lot of tutorials on arduinos
Should bring own laptop to download the Arduino software
If using school computers, bring removable hard drive
Reset sketchbook location first thing 
                File, Preferences, Browse, Volumes, Choose which folder you want to save it in
File, examples has a lot of codes that have already been written
OUTPUT must always be written in all caps
1sec=1000; 1/2sec=500
global variable, all code can access it. Located outside code(very top)

Brian Evans the Arduino Programming Notebook-Free download

Natural Born Cyborgs (Group reading discussion) 

What do arduinos do?
Has a Setup and Loop
Setup- a bunch of parameters, things that run once
Loops- keep going in a loop
What do I want to measure and how do I want the output?

😬 idk wth I'm doing..


int pin =13;

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:
pinMode(pin, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
digitalWrite(pin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(pin, LOW);

Monday, October 2, 2017

Multimeter/Microcontroller Lecture

Multimeter testing
m= milli
K= kilo or 1000
M= millions
hFE testing for diodes i.e. LED etc.
Checking conductivity
--- symbol for direct currents
~ symbol for alternating currents
Reading of 1 occurs when you're out of range on voltage 1=infinite resistance
Swap red cord from VΩmA to the 10A slot when dealing with the 10A setting
If you put the probes on the wrong wires it will give you a negative reading
If it looks like display is stuck try pressing hold to turn the hold off


Microcontrollers- computing devices that control one particular thing/holds a program
Input → Computational Processing → Output
Ways of measuring a system then reacting to it
Arduinos became the system created to make this measuring more affordable
Later being released as Open Source Hardware so that you can create your own
Final project will revolve around using an Arduino (think about wearables)

Project 1: Presentation Notes

Slide show for Project 1:

We needed a little more documentation for our project.
It would have been a lot better had we been able to capture reactions on video or pictures.
We needed to think outside the box slightly more and integrate more aspects to the masks, i.e.. putting a red balloon in the mix, maybe wear the masks ourselves, capturing ambient sound of the reactions in the places we couldn't sit and capture reactions like in the bathroom.

Final Project Idea

IDEA: Wearable robotic stilts I am going to make a doll size prototype fit for a doll as well as a life-size wearable prototype...