Friday, December 15, 2017

Link to Instructable

Keeping it as a work in progress since I will further develop the design next semester.

Code For Legs

int Xread;
int Xrest;
double Gx;
int sensorpin = 0;

int led1 = 2;
int led2 = 3;
int led3 = 4;
int led4 = 5;
int led5 = 6;
int led6 = 7;
int led7 = 8;
int led8 = 9;
int led9 = 10;
int led10 = 11;
int led11 = 12;
int led12 = 13;

void setup() {
  digitalWrite(12, HIGH);
  Xrest = analogRead(sensorpin);
  digitalWrite(12, LOW);

  pinMode(led1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led3, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led4, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led5, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led6, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led7, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led8, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led9, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led10, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led11, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led12, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
  Xread = analogRead(sensorpin) - Xrest;    //double Gx = (Xread / 67.584);
  Serial.print("Gyroscope X:");

  if (Xread < 50 && Xread > -15) {

    digitalWrite(led1, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led2, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led3, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led4, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led5, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led11, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led12, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led6, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led7, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led8, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led9, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led10, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led1, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led2, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led3, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led4, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led5, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led6, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led7, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led8, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led9, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led10, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led11, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led12, LOW);



Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Final Project

I had a hard time throughout the process with the materials and most of all the code, however, in the end it pulled together.
I'm currently working on my instructable, which I will have posted by the end of the week.
Through the process I changed the design, due to difficulty with structure around the butt area then the knees. What was once meant to be a full pair of legs ended up being boots, which I think are still just as affective. Below I have a few images from when I was designing them and putting all of the connections together, along with videos showing the lights operating.

These are the connections of how I got my lights and accelerometer hooked up

This is after I soldered the wires to my shield.

Video of lights blinking after connected.

Process of building the foundation of the boots.

 Final design.

Video of lights responding to movement.

Video of me hopping around like a crazy person trying to get the three lights that actually worked to blink...

int Xread;
int Xrest;
double Gx;
int sensorpin = 0;

int led1 = 2;
int led2 = 3;
int led3 = 4;
int led4 = 5;
int led5 = 6;
int led6 = 7;
int led7 = 8;
int led8 = 9;
int led9 = 10;
int led10 = 11;
int led11 = 12;
int led12 = 13;

void setup() {
  digitalWrite(12, HIGH);
  Xrest = analogRead(sensorpin);
  digitalWrite(12, LOW);

  pinMode(led1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led3, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led4, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led5, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led6, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led7, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led8, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led9, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led10, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led11, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led12, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
  Xread = analogRead(sensorpin) - Xrest;    //double Gx = (Xread / 67.584);
  Serial.print("Gyroscope X:");

  if (Xread < 50 && Xread > -15) {

    digitalWrite(led1, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led2, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led3, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led4, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led5, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led11, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led12, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led6, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led7, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led8, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led9, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led10, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led1, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led2, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led3, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led4, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led5, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led6, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led7, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led8, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led9, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led10, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led11, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led12, LOW);



Monday, December 4, 2017

Project Update

Was having trouble coming up with the stilts themselves, so instead I have decided to do just plain robot legs, not worrying about the height. I may build them around a pair of tall heels to give some height and elegance to the frame.
Still working on getting the coding and getting the accelerometer to work with the lights, having some trouble with that as well, but I'll get it figured out.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Working from home today. Trying to get the things I need for my stilts so I can build them. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Project progress
Found a kit to make the noise portion of the project, and have that all put together, just have to upload the sounds that I want it to make.
Thinking of instead of using the accelerometer I want to use a pulse sensor that way the LEDs are continuously running as opposed to only when I'm moving. Already sent out the order for that and it should be in today or tomorrow hopefully.
Still in the process of looking for platform shoes as a base for my stilts, not really having much luck though.
Also still in the search for the right kind of materials for the shell of the legs.
Did have the thought, seeing as my legs are going to be in two pieces, in order to run the LEDs through to the bottom portion, I will feed them through the tubing that I will have connected from the top to the bottom portion.

Noise device I found

Weeks of Nov 13-20

Week Nov 13
Missed this week of class due to sickness.
In the process of working on my final. Having new ideas and thought changes on what I want.
Getting everything figured out still while working on electronics.

Week Nov 20
Had a lovely Thanksgiving with my family. Not going to lie, not much got done over this week, however I feel like things are coming along nicely.

Link to Instructable Keeping it as a work in progress since I will further develop the design next semester....